Keylogger Reviews : The Best Monitoring Software in 2011


This keylogger review will help you choose the right monitoring software for you. We did the research for you and made a keylogger review comparison for the best keyloggers that are available on the internet to help you make the right decision.

Most keylogger reviews contain gazillion features and details that can seem intimidating for somebody that is not interested in all the technical stuff . That is why we only rated the MOST IMPORTANT things for the best keyloggers on the internet.

The Keylogger Review Comparisons:

MAX keylogger

Keylogger Robot

Spy Bubble

(for mobile phones spying)

Spy Agent

(stealth version)


keylogger reviews ratings keylogger reviews ratings keylogger reviews ratings


Remote logs

Voice recording
Other Features keylogger reviews ratings
Chat recording
Browser recording

Overall score


$ 78.98





keylogger review - max keylogger

keylogger review - keylogger robot


keylogger review - Spy Bubble

Best For Mobile Devices

Keyloger Review - Spy Agent

Best For PC Monitoring





My reviewing policy:

Each review on this website first comes from online research and deep manual testing. These 4 keyloggers are the ones left from a list with over 40 different companies.


My goal:

I have used a lot of keyloggers in the past and had much trouble when trying to choose one. Even for a tech – guy like me all the different features the other keylogger reviews offered were confusing and overwhelming. So that is why I am doing this, to produce the purest, simplest and cleanest reviews that will save you a lot of time and resources.



What are the most important features in a keylogger?


1) Compatibility


2) Ease of use

  • organization
  • intuitiveness


3) Features

  • remote log access
  • screenshots
  • invisibility
  • sound and webcam recording


4) Price


What information do you need to take from the keylogger review comparison table?


Do you want to monitor your own computer? Or you want to monitor a remote computer and get the information logs via email?

Do you want the keylogger to be invisible and 100% undetectable? Do you own a mac or a pc? Are you looking for the best, best for price or the simply cheapest keylogger?

Keep the answers to those questions in your mind because they will guide you to selecting the right keylogger for you.



I hope that my keylogger review comparison gave you the required information to select the best keylogger for you.

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